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AIFMD in Norway

Market Update AIFMD: Marketing of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in Norway

Five months have passed since the AIFMD was implemented in Norway. Since 1 July 2014, a relatively large number of applications have been filed with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (the “FSAN”), concerning both marketing in Norway of non-EEA AIFs of EEA AIFMs and AIFs of non-EEA AIFMs.


Hot news: Norwegian implementation of AIFMD approaching – Managers may begin applying for authorisations

The proposed AIFM Act passed the first reading in the Norwegian Parliament 3 June, and is scheduled for a second and final reading in the Parliament shortly. The Ministry of Finance stated yesterday that the Act will almost certainly come into force 1 July 2014.


AIFMD: Implementation into Norwegian law

On 11 April 2014, Ministry of Finance proposed a Bill implementing the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) into Norwegian law. The proposed Bill is expected to be considered by the Norwegian Parliament before summer. Thus final implementation of the AIFMD will probably take place on or around 1 July 2014.


AIFMD Update – New pieces in the Norwegian puzzle

Implementation of the AIFMD in Norway is gradually nearing. On 18 February, the Ministry of Finance sent a draft for new regulations on public hearing, with deadline for comments 18 May. This article provides a short summary of the draft regulations, which partly concerns the EU Commission Delegated Regulations under the AIFMD.