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It took 20 years… but the Norwegian mass market is finally open to European hedge fund managers

Investment funds for sale to the general public – in other words, open-ended collective Investment structures of which shares may be redeemed on a regular basis and of which investment objectives are Financial instruments – have traditionally been strictly regulated in Norway.

Financial District

Entra moving towards an IPO

According to a press release today from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Ministry has decided to commence a privatisation process of Entra. It has been decided that the privatisation can take place without properties being separated out from Entra.


Chinese contractor wins bid for major building contract in Norway

For the first time in Norway a Chinese contractor wins bid for a major building contract. The contract relates to the building of a suspension bridge in the north of […]

Large construction projects in Norway

Challenges in Norway for foreign contractors

Foreign contractors have won several large road projects during the last years. From winning just one of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s contracts in 2009, foreign contractors won more than half only three years later, in 2012.

At the same time several foreign contractors have run into problems and big challenges – some have even gone bankrupt. In this article we shall try to shed some light on some of the causes why many foreign contractors have had a rough start in the Norwegian market.

Nibor Fixing

NBIM Signs Co-Investment Program

In a press release dated 15 October, Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) informed that it has signed a co-investment programme with AXA Real Estate, acting on behalf of various AXA insurance companies, targeting investments in senior secured performing commercial real estate loans in Europe. AXA Real Estate will manage the portfolio on behalf of the parties.


Norwegian politics take a turn to the right with new rightwing coalition government – new possibilities for many market players

On October 16, Norway’s Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg and Progress Party leader Siv Jensen presented a new minority goverment after winning the September 9 election with support from allies in the Parliament. The government took office on 12 noon October 16, with Solberg as Prime Minister and Jensen as new Minister of Finance. The coalition has presented a 75-page platform revealing how it plans to rule Norway over the next four years. Some highlights of particular interest for foreign market players are presented below.


Norwegian Covered Bonds Market

Finance Norway (FNO) has issued a leaflet called “The Norwegian Covered Bonds Market”.