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New hybrid pension product in private sector

The new Occupational Pension Act entered into force 1 January this year. The Act allows private employers to establish a third kind of pension scheme, being a hybrid between defined benefit and defined contribution schemes. As such, the new product is already being referred to as the new “hybrid-scheme”.

Cartel regulation

What can you tell your competitors?

Every so often we get this question from clients. Some are quite surprised by the answer: The exchange of certain types of information between competing companies is in itself regarded as serious competition crime.

Financial District

Entra moving towards an IPO

According to a press release today from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Ministry has decided to commence a privatisation process of Entra. It has been decided that the privatisation can take place without properties being separated out from Entra.


Increased tax bill for intra group funding – but solutions exist

In the State Budget for 2014, last revised on November 8th, the Norwegian Government proposed a restriction on the right to deduction for interest paid to related parties.  This new legislation is expected to be effective from January 1th 2014, and will affect international group of companies.

Unfair competition

Amendments to the Norwegian Competition Act

Significant higher filing thresholds for notifications of concentrations, increased incentives to apply for leniency, and introduction of commitment decisions as a tool in behavioural cases are the most notable changes to the Norwegian Competition Act – that will enter into force 1 January 2014. 


Chinese contractor wins bid for major building contract in Norway

For the first time in Norway a Chinese contractor wins bid for a major building contract. The contract relates to the building of a suspension bridge in the north of […]

Large construction projects in Norway

Challenges in Norway for foreign contractors

Foreign contractors have won several large road projects during the last years. From winning just one of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s contracts in 2009, foreign contractors won more than half only three years later, in 2012.

At the same time several foreign contractors have run into problems and big challenges – some have even gone bankrupt. In this article we shall try to shed some light on some of the causes why many foreign contractors have had a rough start in the Norwegian market.

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Clarification on the mandatory merger filing obligation in the transition to new turnover thresholds in the Competition Act

According to the current Competition Act concentrations shall be notified to the Norwegian Competition Authority (“NCA”) if the undertakings concerned have a combined annual turnover in Norway exceeding NOK 50 million, and at least two of the said undertakings have an annual turnover in Norway exceeding NOK 20 million. From 1 January 2014 the turnover thresholds will be increased to NOK 1 billion (approximately 128 million euro) and NOK 100 million (approximately 12.5 million euro) respectively.