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It took 20 years… but the Norwegian mass market is finally open to European hedge fund managers

Investment funds for sale to the general public – in other words, open-ended collective Investment structures of which shares may be redeemed on a regular basis and of which investment objectives are Financial instruments – have traditionally been strictly regulated in Norway.

Cartel regulation

Cartel Regulation 2015: Norway Chapter

Law firm Steenstrup Stordrange has contributed to Cartel Regulation 2015, by supplying the Norwegian chapter.


Credit rating agencies – Proposal for Norwegian legislation

On 9 May 2014, the Ministry of Finance proposed new legislation regarding credit rating agencies. The background for the proposal is Regulation No 1060/2009 (CRA I) of the European Parliament, which has been incorporated into the EEA Agreement.

Vertical Agreements

Vertical Agreements in 35 jurisdictions worldwide

Partners Thomas Sando and Aksel Hageler have contributed to the publication Vertical Agreements in 35 jurisdictions worldwide published by Getting the Deal Through by writing the Norwegian chapter.

Norwegain Merger Control

Norwegian Merger Control: Our contribution to IFLR’s Survey 2014

Steenstrup Stordrange’s Partners Thomas Sando and Aksel J. Hageler have contributed a chapter in the Merger Control Survey recently published by International Financial Law Review (IFLR).


New hybrid pension product in private sector

The new Occupational Pension Act entered into force 1 January this year. The Act allows private employers to establish a third kind of pension scheme, being a hybrid between defined benefit and defined contribution schemes. As such, the new product is already being referred to as the new “hybrid-scheme”.

Cartel regulation

What can you tell your competitors?

Every so often we get this question from clients. Some are quite surprised by the answer: The exchange of certain types of information between competing companies is in itself regarded as serious competition crime.

Unfair competition

Amendments to the Norwegian Competition Act

Significant higher filing thresholds for notifications of concentrations, increased incentives to apply for leniency, and introduction of commitment decisions as a tool in behavioural cases are the most notable changes to the Norwegian Competition Act – that will enter into force 1 January 2014.