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Thomas Sando

Attorney at Law, Partner

Thomas Sando Thomas Sando is partner and a member of Steenstrup Stordrange’s Competition Law Practice. Sando is a former legal advisor in the Norwegian Competition Authority. He has extensive experience in competition law work and advises and represents clients on all aspects of competition law issues, e.g. with regard to cooperation and distribution agreements, abuse issues, merger control procedures, general compliance and in the case of dawn raids. Sando has been selected by his peers to be included in Best Lawyers Norway (in the category “Antitrust”) in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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Competition concerns in the waste management sector?

A new report from the Nordic Competition Authorities refers to a less than optimal use of resources in the waste management sector. Competition authorities believe that increased use of competition would lead to significant savings for residents, better recycling rates, and the creation of a market that will incentivise innovative developments.

Cartel regulation

Cartel Regulation 2015: Norway Chapter

Law firm Steenstrup Stordrange has contributed to Cartel Regulation 2015, by supplying the Norwegian chapter.

Vertical Agreements

Vertical Agreements in 35 jurisdictions worldwide

Partners Thomas Sando and Aksel Hageler have contributed to the publication Vertical Agreements in 35 jurisdictions worldwide published by Getting the Deal Through by writing the Norwegian chapter.

Norwegain Merger Control

Norwegian Merger Control: Our contribution to IFLR’s Survey 2014

Steenstrup Stordrange’s Partners Thomas Sando and Aksel J. Hageler have contributed a chapter in the Merger Control Survey recently published by International Financial Law Review (IFLR).

Cartel regulation

What can you tell your competitors?

Every so often we get this question from clients. Some are quite surprised by the answer: The exchange of certain types of information between competing companies is in itself regarded as serious competition crime.

Unfair competition

Amendments to the Norwegian Competition Act

Significant higher filing thresholds for notifications of concentrations, increased incentives to apply for leniency, and introduction of commitment decisions as a tool in behavioural cases are the most notable changes to the Norwegian Competition Act – that will enter into force 1 January 2014. 

Financial District

Clarification on the mandatory merger filing obligation in the transition to new turnover thresholds in the Competition Act

According to the current Competition Act concentrations shall be notified to the Norwegian Competition Authority (“NCA”) if the undertakings concerned have a combined annual turnover in Norway exceeding NOK 50 million, and at least two of the said undertakings have an annual turnover in Norway exceeding NOK 20 million. From 1 January 2014 the turnover thresholds will be increased to NOK 1 billion (approximately 128 million euro) and NOK 100 million (approximately 12.5 million euro) respectively.


Report from the Norwegian Competition Authority: Car owners freedom to choose repair shops restricted by misleading, contradictory or unclear warranty conditions

In the report “Your car – your choice of auto repair shop” (“Din bil – ditt verkstedsvalg”) the Norwegian Competition Authority has obtained and looked into the warranty terms from […]