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Lennart Garnes

Senior Lawyer

Lennart Garnes Garnes is an expert in the fields of EU/EEA and competition law. I addition he has heavy experience and knowledge within national public administrative law. In particular he works on cases concerning regulatory or competition related obstacles for market access and the exercise of business activities (based on EU/EEA free flow rules and secondary legislation and competition law). With experience from national and European administrative bodies, he has first-hand insight into the political and legal processes of which legislation is adopted and applied. Garnes assists in processes towards, national authorities, the EFA Surveillance Authority and the European Commission. Within his fields of practice he is regularly involved in litigation processes. At Steenstrup Stordrange Garnes has been working with several highly principal cases concerning port access and the pricing of port services. Together with his earlier experiences from the transport area, he has gained particular knowledge in issues concerning access to and pricing of infrastructure and transport markets.

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