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Erik Lind


Erik Lind Erik Lind is partner at Steenstrup Stordrange’s office in Oslo, and is a member of the M&A and Corporate Practice. Lind has a 13 years’ exsperience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital market transactions and restructuring. He advises private equity and venture capital funds, financial advisers and industrial clients in this respect. Lind has also significant expertise in real estate transactions, including structuring real estate syndicates and real estate funds.

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corporate governance

The role and obligations of the board when a listed company faces a takeover situation

In this article we set out certain key issues the board of a Norwegian listed company faces in a public takeover situation.


Norwegian Government moving towards reduction of state ownership in several companies

On 20 June, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries presented a new white paper on direct ownership in state-owned enterprises, seeking for consent to reduce state ownership in several companies.


A glance at the “Norwegian” HY market is and why it’s such an efficient platform for raising flexible debt for foreign companies

Since early 2000, the Norwegian corporate bond market has been transformed from a small market dominated by domestic utility enterprises into a global market characterized by large issue volumes of high yield corporate bonds. This makes Oslo Stock Exchange and Nordic Alternative Bond Market the third largest market place for HY corporate bonds in the world.